For over 100 years, First United Methodist Church has answered God’s call to worship.  As a congregation we seek to exemplify the ministry of Jesus Christ and build a spiritual foundation to enable us to grow in our community and provide a church home responsive to our members and community.  Our stewardship mission is “To share with the church family the spiritual discipline of giving through education and scripture.”  Financial gifts to the church may be provided in many forms as explained below.  We thank you for answering the call to contribute to our operational needs at First United Methodist Church and outreach programs.

Your Pledge

Each year the church budget is established by the Finance Committee and Pastor.  The start of each fiscal year is in January.  The congregation is asked to complete a pledge card prior to December of the next budget year.  This forms the basis of the church’s operational budget.  Pledge forms are mailed to each member and are available throughout the year in the church office for members and visitors.  Pledges may be fulfilled on an annual, monthly, or weekly basis.   A weekly pledge packet is provided to all members to use for their contributions at services.  The church encourages all capable of Tithing to consider the church first and welcomes any amount members are capable of giving in the name of Jesus Christ.  The church staff sends regulars statements to members for your record keeping.  Should your pledge amount change throughout the years, please contact the church office.
  • Gifts in Person. First United Methodist Church services include an Offertory each Sunday and at special services throughout the year.  Gifts may be made via check or cash.   Usage of weekly pledge envelopes is encouraged.
  • Giving Online. In today’s highly technological society the church has kept pace and provides the venue for online giving.  Please contact the church office for instructions or questions on sending your secure contributions.  Click here to access online services
  • Memorial Gifts.  Gifts in honor of, in memory of, or dedication may be arranged through the church office.  You may also provide information on the blue attendance sheet found in the weekly church bulletin to denote to the church your desire to be contacted about a memorial gift.
  • Legacy Giving.  First United Methodist Church makes available access to professional personnel on how to leave a Legacy/Planned Gift to the church.  Please contact the church office to arrange a confidential meeting with designated representatives to discuss options and resources to assist in the decision making process.  Brochures are available in the church office.
    To learn more visit the Florida United Methodist Foundation >
  • Special Needs.  First United Methodist Church, engages in outreach efforts to help those in need.  This may include participation in mission trips, assistance for the form of food boxes for the hungry, Florida Methodist Children’s Home, assistance to children through non-profit services in our county, other identified needs, and in emergency situations.  The church pastor will identify these situations to the congregation.
  • Your Treasures of Time and Talents. We welcome and encourage you to volunteer to the church.  More information on ways to share your treasures of time and talent are explained in another section of the church website.  First United Methodist Church is blessed through the hundreds of volunteers who touch the lives of others.  We encourage you to take part in all the church offers as means to enhance your relationship with God.
Please contact the church office to request more information.  

Stewardship Mission Statement:

To share with the church family the spiritual discipline of giving through education and scripture.