Food sacks

The FOOD SACKS Program

The Food Sacks program meets the need for homeless and near homeless children to have food over the weekend.

Of all elementary schools in Indian River County, Vero Beach Elementary (VBE) has the highest number of homeless and needy families. 87% of students qualify for free or reduced lunch and they have anywhere from 40-60 homeless students.  Many of these children have been observed hoarding/hiding food into their pockets from the cafeteria or class treats to take home and either eat at night or share with siblings.  Sometimes there only nutrition is the breakfast and lunch they receive at school.  It is a long time from Friday lunch to Monday breakfast.

The Food Sack was developed to meet a need for these children to have food over the weekend.  A ziplock bag is assembled with easy to reheat or ready to eat food so that these children can be sustained nutritionally over the weekend.  One Food Sack costs $9.00 to fund.

First United Methodist Church has agreed to meet this need at VBE in 2016. For an $90 donation, you can provide 10 children with nutritional food over the weekend.  Our church has agreed to supply 50 Food Sacks per week.

Please make a donation today to support this effort.  When we pull together as a church family we are meeting tangible needs in our community!

Ways to donate 10 food Sacks:

  • During the offering on Sunday morning
  • At the church during office hours
  • Mail a check to 1750 20th Ave, Vero Beach, FL 32960
  • Donate online
If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Pat Pellington at 772-562-1900.